Three critical questions to ask before choosing headache or TMJ treatment

Answer these three questions to assess if a particular treatment modality is an effective option or a potentially damaging waste of your time, effort and money.

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    1. Is it sustainable?
    For example, can you continue to take drugs such as anti-inflammatories and pain killers over a long period of time or will they cause damage to your liver, kidneys, heart or stomach? Can you take them indefinitely?

    Will chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy create lasting structural change or do they have to repeated indefinitely for any results?

    Botox injections need to be repeated every three months. For how long will you choose to get injections? Six months? Six years? What happens when you stop?

    If you can’t sustain the therapy over the long run and make it part of your life, then any results will be temporary and potentially destructive.

    2. Is it addressing symptoms or the actual root cause?
    In other words, is it curative or merely palliative? Drugs, Botox, massage therapy, NTI devices, dental night guards and chiropractic adjustments all deal with symptoms and attempt to relieve them.

    If the therapy is providing symptomatic relief only, at what point will you grow tired of the effort to diminish symptoms and lose your motivation to continue?

    3. Is it forcing your body to change or allowing your body to change by making it healthier?
    Or stated in a simpler way, does it work against Mother Nature or with her? For example, surgery forces your body to change. Sinus surgery for headaches, arthrocentesis for tmj pain, Eustachian tube balloon dilation for blocked ears, even injection of Botox for migraines create change but at a cost of increased risk of complications, relapse or failed surgical results.

    What treatment solutions have you already tried and failed with, that did not meet these three criteria? Regardless of whether you select the Atlanta Center for TMJ or not, whomever you choose to care for you, choose wisely. Do your homework.

    Just because you can does not mean you should.

    In the blockbuster movie, Jurassic Park, a billionaire investor used genetic technology to bring extinct dinosaurs back to life. He created a theme park where all could see his marvelous, extinct prehistoric beasts in the present.

    One of the characters in the movie was the scientist Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by actor Jeff Goldblum. Dr. Malcolm made the point that everyone got excited by what they could do, but they never stopped to ask the question if they should do it.

    That’s a question anyone considering treatment for TMJ pain or dysfunction, headaches and assorted related problems should ask themselves.

    Even if you can – temporarily – mask your symptoms with many of these treatment approaches, should you?

    Even if you can – temporarily – kick the can a little further down the road with a quick-fix approach to reduce your symptoms, should you? It turns out in Jurassic Park there was one small consequence they hadn’t considered. The beasts kept insisting on eating the tourists.


    While many people are busily racing to try the latest wonder drug their doctor gave them, or night guard their family dentist mentioned, they can be potentially sacrificing the longevity of their joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments while the true underlying problem remains undiagnosed, untreated and continues to degenerate causing further deterioration.

    We have become an instant gratification society increasingly focused on shorter-, shorter-, and shorter- term results with patients and doctors alike willing to mask symptoms today at certain serious risk and damage to long-term health.

    The allure of the quick-fix approach may satisfy some temporarily. But be prepared to endlessly chase and always need the ‘next great thing’ when securing a lasting solution fails.

    If you intend to have healthy joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments for your entire life then leaving a mess for the next doctor five years from now may not be the best strategy for you. You can mask symptoms. But just because you can, should you?

    The choices you make today have a great influence on how well your body heals, how well you will function in the future and how much pain you will have for years to come.

    We’re focused on the long-term.

    At the Atlanta Center for TMJ we’re dedicated to your long-term health. Your TMJ treatment, headache therapy and other therapies are all exclusively designed to produce exceptional health and healing for the long term.

    The quick-fix approach of masking symptoms allowing further degeneration… can only be found elsewhere.

    If we offered to successfully treat your TMJ without shots, drugs or surgery and with guaranteed results...

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