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How would you feel if you reclaimed your life because the pain was no longer there to stop you? We can help.

Know your headache. Each type of headache gives you a different set of problems and symptoms to deal with. At the Atlanta Center for TMJ we’ve worked with patients of all backgrounds with pretty much every kind of headache imaginable.

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    We have a wealth of experience in many types of migraines, headaches and facial pain.

    We’ve worked hands-on with the most challenging cases not resolved by other medical approaches including::

    This means whatever your symptoms are; chances are at the Atlanta Center for TMJ we already have experience with something very similar.


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    The cause of the headache is as important as the headache itself. Get an accurate diagnosis.

    It’s essential to get the diagnosis right to ensure the desired treatment result. At the Atlanta Center for TMJ our goal isn’t to just mask the symptoms of your headache or migraine pain. We want to determine the root cause of your pain first and then help you achieve your goals with our evidence-based TMJ treatment. Whether your goals are relief of pain, reducing or doing away with previously prescribed drugs, becoming more active or just having more good days than bad days… we’re here to help you find the right solution.

    If you were able to resolve your pain, how would your life change?

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    Test what matters most.

    Many people think that headache therapy involves prescribing medications, sinus surgery, injecting Botox or following some strict dietary guidelines purported to avoid triggers and avoid the onset of pain. The truth is that you have to identify the critical elements that contribute to the pain and onset of symptoms before making any changes to your body with drugs, surgery or diet.

    Here’s a key point to remember. Since 90% of pain comes from the muscles, first test the muscles, change the muscle’s response to noxious stimuli and be brave enough to have a proper diagnosis made before having critical medications with serious side effects prescribed for frequent use.

    At the Atlanta Center for TMJ we can test whether TMJ symptoms are the cause of your headaches and determine the proper course of treatment.

    The odds are if you haven’t done this yet, you may be missing out on the relief this conservative, fact-based approach can create.

    There are many TMJ specialists and headache specialists. Many will treat your headache pain with drugs. Just remember, your liver and kidneys have to filter and process these drugs and your entire body has to deal with their side effects. It’s your body and your choice.

    Why patients choose the Atlanta Center for TMJ.

    We get results.
    Where other doctors only prescribe medications to mask symptoms, we provide results. See our patient testimonials.

    We have the experience.
    We have the advantage of working with some of the most sophisticated, cutting-edge minds in the field of headache relief today. Our broad perspective means we know what works and what doesn’t. This means we’ve probably already successfully treated someone like you.

    We’re considered a leading authority in the field of TMJ, headache and pain education.
    Dr. Abeles is the Clinical Instructor and Regional Director of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, one of the premier post-graduate teaching centers in the world today. He has instructed doctors from all over the US and Canada in techniques of pain management.

    We’ll give you peace of mind.
    We’ll give you peace of mind. We only use proven, documented treatment methods without drugs and potentially harmful side effects. No pills. No needles. No surgery.

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    Find out why your previous efforts to relieve your headaches have failed. We’ll give you the facts the drug companies hope you’ll never hear.

    Don’t confuse pharmaceutical television advertising with efficacy. We’ll uncover the underlying cause of your pain – and its solution. With guaranteed results.

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    If the medical model works so well, why hasn’t your headache pain been solved already?

    Most headaches and migraines are not properly diagnosed or go completely undiagnosed. MD’s approach treatment by prescribing drugs designed to mask symptoms or to be taken daily to try to prevent the onset of symptoms.

    You don’t need to look any further than your television to see the trend. We have countless drug companies bombarding us daily with commercials for their medications designed to treat every conceivable human problem.

    Just don’t forget to listen to all the risks and side effects at the end of each commercial.

    If you’re happy with this treatment approach for your headache or migraine, you don’t need us. See your family physician, ENT or neurologist for medications. Not everyone is brave enough to try to let go of their dependence on their medication in pursuit of a more lasting cure and that’s ok.

    On the other hand, if you can imagine yourself feeling better in as little as thirty days from now, if you want to know more about the Atlanta Center for TMJ, our approach to headache therapy and the results we’ve achieved for our patients then get started right now. Chances are we can help you with your headache too.

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    Meet one-on-one with Dr. Abeles and discover how MIRO Therapy® can help you with symptoms you may have been struggling with for years. Receive a copy of Break Away – The New Method For Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines and TMJ Without Medication.


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    Many of Atlanta's top ENT's, neurologists, internists and dentists trust us to help their patients with chronic headaches and TMJ.

    How about you?

    Miro Therapy Logo

    Many of Atlanta's top ENT's, neurologists, internists and dentists trust us to help their patients with chronic headaches and TMJ.

    How about you?

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    Every day you don’t fix your TMJ, it’s costing you precious time... making recovery more difficult.

    You know your TMJ needs help. But you don’t know how to make it better. And you feel overwhelmed by the conflicting treatment advice.

    But there’s good news – it’s easier than you think to fix it.

    And once you understand the power of MIRO Therapy®, you won’t want to settle for trying shots, drugs or surgery anymore.

    Now is the time to get the facts for yourself. You’ll understand everything you need to know in just 60 minutes.

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