Determine if our TMJ treatment is right for you.

We understand how challenging it can be to decide which health care provider or treatment to choose for yourself or a family member.

Select wisely, and you become healthier and eliminate disease.

Select poorly, and you still have your problem plus the loss of time and money invested.

So please allow us help you decide if our practice is a good fit for you or not.

Not all doctors are created equal.

There are different levels of expertise and standards in health care. Doctors’ training, skill and expertise vary greatly. Consequently, there’s a huge difference in the clinical outcome based on the doctor’s experience and skill.

However, some people feel that all doctors are pretty much the same, that one doctor is as good as the next. They would not value the additional training, specialization and expertise that our practice possesses.

Accordingly, they wouldn’t be best served by our practice. They could be served by any doctor who treats TMJ since they feel one doctor is as good as the next. And the other doctor would probably cost less than us.

Our fees are higher – for good reason. Unlike a typical dental or medical practice, our advanced technology, highly-trained staff and time spent per appointment are specifically geared to only one thing – treating TMJ. While others say they treat TMJ, but 95% of their time is spent treating other problems… we exclusively treat TMJ. And our expertise and results are nationally acclaimed. The Wall Street Journal calls Dr. Abeles, “One of the most sought after TMJ specialists in the world.”

“Will my insurance pay for it?”

Some patients want a doctor who will accept their insurance as total payment to have no out-of-pocket expense. And there’s plenty of those doctors around.

The problem with that approach is: while the doctor accepts full payment from the insurance company…. in return, the insurance company gets to dictate what the covered treatment will be. In essence, the insurance company decides how the patient will be treated.

They decide what treatment they pay for and what treatment they won’t want pay for. The real problem isn’t the insurance policy. It’s that some people insist on seizing power so they can play God. They distort the doctor-patient relationship. They make it harder for talented, caring physicians and dentists to do what’s best for their patients.

And yet some patients today still show no signs of getting any of this, though. They believe the insurance company knows what it’s doing, has their best interests at heart and will save them from harm. They think their insurance coverage is all sunshine and rainbows. What they forget… insurance companies choose their bottom line over patients’ welfare.

Our advice: don’t be distracted by the games they play. It’s critical that you stay in control of your own health care decisions. Twenty years from now, when your insurance company is long forgotten, you’ll be glad you didn’t let them coerce you into second-rate care just because it increased their profits.

Your insurance should not dictate treatment.

People need to remember – these insurance companies are not your friends. When someone says, “We’re here to help you. We’ll pay for this procedure (because it’s cheaper) but we won’t pay for that procedure” (because it’s better and more expensive), they’re not your friend.

We reject any entity that tries to manipulate or control us to their benefit and to the detriment of the patient.

So, it won’t come as any surprise to you that we will not be controlled by insurance companies. Your diagnosis and treatment will be decided without any insurance company interference. There’s only one right way to treat these disorders. That’s what we offer. The best treatment. The best expertise. The best results. No compromise.

It’s your health. It’s your decision.

These insurance companies want patient trust but with none of the responsibility that comes with placing the patient’s welfare first. And that just doesn’t work.

So please decide who you want to be in charge of your TMJ treatment. Dr. Abeles? Or an insurance company with a clerk sitting behind a desk, who isn’t a world-class TMJ specialist, who isn’t even a doctor, and who has never even seen you or examined you?

It’s your decision.

If you want the best, you’ll love us.

However, if you’re satisfied with whatever your insurance company dictates, unfortunately we won’t be a good match for you.

We hope this explanation helps you in your search for treatment.



We directly serve patients who:

  • Are seeking the highest level of care
  • Want to rehabilitate as fully as possible
  • Desire to obtain optimum treatment results
  • Want to address the root cause of their disorder
  • Understand insurance is a benefit but should not determine their treatment

We are not a fit for patients who:

  • Want free exams, free consultations
  • Just want low-cost, quick-fix, temporary relief of their symptoms
  • Expect their insurance company will pay 100% of the treatment costs
  • Believe their insurance company knows best and should dictate their treatment

Only you can decide what value you place on expertise. Please choose accordingly.

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Every day you don’t fix your TMJ, it’s costing you precious time... making recovery more difficult.

You know your TMJ needs help. But you don’t know how to make it better. And you feel overwhelmed by the conflicting treatment advice.

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    Many of Atlanta's top ENT's, neurologists, internists and dentists trust us to help their patients with chronic headaches and TMJ.

    How about you?

    Miro Therapy Logo

    Many of Atlanta's top ENT's, neurologists, internists and dentists trust us to help their patients with chronic headaches and TMJ.

    How about you?