Can this book make you more informed than all the doctors you’ve seen?

It’s not fair you have TMJ pain and still don’t know the proper action to take.

Break Away will teach you everything you need to know to seek the proper care and be confident you’re making the right decisions.

If you have TMJ pain, this book will change your life.

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You don’t need a medical degree to get better. You just need Break Away.


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If you’re in pain, you need more than just some pills. You need knowledge – the right knowledge.

Break Away clearly explains what causes TMJ pain and outlines Dr. Abeles’ groundbreaking approach to successfully treating it once and for all.

It’s empowered thousands of people all over the world to seek the care they needed. Get your copy today!

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What readers say

“You’re a verbal stunt pilot liberally using mental judo to make the story clear! The book is smooth and welcoming – the reader cannot escape! Thank you for your contribution – it’s a critical message. You’re a genius mentor to us all.”

– Dr. Omer Reed

“Amazing information for anyone dealing with chronic headaches.”

– Dr. Brian Schow

“Anyone who picks up Break Away thinking they’re in for a dry read full of medical jargon is in for a surprising treat. In a very conversational tone, Dr. Abeles digresses at key moments to tell anecdotes about his personal and professional journey – complete with Tony Robbins-like exhortations about taking risks to not only improve one’s health but one’s entire life.”

– Matt Collins

“If you suffer from headaches, TMJ or other head pain you owe it to yourself to read this book.”

– Dr. David Miller

“Read this book and then pass it to a friend, it will change your life or someone’s life you know.”

– Amazon Customer – Verified Purchase

“This book is a MUST if you are suffering from TMD and the symptoms that come with it. Easily the best book out there on the subject.”

– James Easter

The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Review of Break Away

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About the book

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Why this book is worth your time

If you suffer with headaches or TMJ dysfunction this is the book for you.

Sometimes we ignore the obvious – we can’t cure our pain by masking symptoms. Break Away offers a no-nonsense plan to stop your pain once and for all. It provides you with a means to understand what’s been causing your pain and gives you the knowledge to seek the proper care.

You’ll stop falling prey to quick-fix approaches that leave the underlying cause untreated, allowing further degeneration.

Break Away is a concrete plan to stop your pain. It works because it gets to the heart of the problem, penetrating deeper into the nature of headaches and TMJ dysfunction than the normal dose of quick-fix, symptomatic relief.

Filled with in depth explanations, expert advice and eye-opening stories, Dr. Abeles not only provides you with what to do that others do not, but also with hope for a future free from chronic pain.

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Every day you don’t fix your TMJ, it’s costing you precious time... making recovery more difficult.

You know your TMJ needs help. But you don’t know how to make it better. And you feel overwhelmed by the conflicting treatment advice.

But there’s good news – it’s easier than you think to fix it.

And once you understand the power of MIRO Therapy®, you won’t want to settle for trying shots, drugs or surgery anymore.

Now is the time to get the facts for yourself. You’ll understand everything you need to know in just 60 minutes.

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