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“My husband and I joke that if the house caught fire, we wouldn’t run in to save the photos and memories. We’d run through the fire to get my orthotic! It has truly changed my life. I can’t believe Dr. Abeles was able to correct my TMJ without surgery.

Thank you Dr. Abeles for giving me my life back and correcting my TMJ!”


“After just two weeks of wearing my bite appliance all of my TMJ symptoms went away. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.

I forgot what it felt like to feel normal! I couldn’t be happier with the results of my treatment. Dr. Abeles and Angie have changed my life and I am so grateful!”


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We understand how frustrating it can be to be dependent on shots or pills.

By 2025 there will be 5 billion prescriptions dispensed in the US. All with harmful side-effects.

Our approach is different. And it makes a difference.

We only use functional therapy to relieve TMJ pain. Why?

Unlike shots and drugs which temporarily mask symptoms, MIRO Therapy® treats the underlying cause of the pain once and for all.

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Enjoy food again without fear of pain or locking

  • Enjoy all of your favorite foods without limitation
  • No more fear of clicking, popping or locking
  • Stop joint damage and joint degeneration
  • Get a long-term solution to your pain without shots, drugs or surgery

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How it works

How it works

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Every day you don’t fix your TMJ, it’s costing you precious time... making recovery more difficult.

You know your TMJ needs help. But you don’t know how to make it better. And you feel overwhelmed by the conflicting treatment advice.

But there’s good news – it’s easier than you think to fix it.

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    These symptoms typically are not isolated, unrelated problems. They’re usually symptoms of a single, larger underlying problem.

    The TMJ is the only joint in the human body that’s entirely positioned by where teeth come together. If the bite aligns the jaw joints incorrectly, and the discrepancy can be as small as a few hundredths of an inch, the muscles of the head and neck that have to stabilize and support the jaw joints in that position can fatigue, stress or spasm.

    Often upon close inspection, the bite may be misaligning the lower jaw and jaw joints resulting in the muscles of the head and neck creating tremendous pain. And the tendons, ligaments, articular disc and condylar head can be malfunctioning as a result of the faulty bite.

    So clicking, popping, locking, limited range of motion, headaches, migraines, facial pain, neck pain and other symptoms many times are NOT separate, unrelated symptoms.

    Rather, they are a compilation of ONE underlying problem that many times has been misdiagnosed or completely overlooked in the past.

    Stop treating just the symptoms.

    There are many different treatment options available and just as many doctors to provide them. Everyone can tell you their remedy works miracles. How do you choose correctly? Who can you trust?

    With everyone stating their way is the best way, finding the right treatment can be difficult. Choose the wrong doctor or receive the wrong diagnosis and it can result in wasted time and effort, not to mention money or worse yet, further damage.

    Here’s what it takes to achieve proper treatment results:

    Get THE ONE THING that matters most, right. Correctly identify the underlying tissue that’s causing the symptoms and dysfunction. Then – you can treat it successfully.

    Don’t settle for a treatment approach that only wants to address your symptoms but not the underlying cause. If you do, a far more serious problem occurs…

    The actual condition continues to deteriorate – unabated.

    There’s an important difference in our approach.

    Our Doctor

    Dr. Abeles is one of the most sought after TMJ experts in the world. He has decades of experience to identify and treat these symptoms and disorders successfully. And his therapy is so unique it’s unavailable anywhere else.

    His job is to make physiological connections that nobody else sees – to connect the dots better than anyone else – to get to the bottom of the problem once and for all.

    Our Diagnostic Process

    The amount of time we spend in the diagnostic phase before beginning treatment is unrivaled. We do this to be certain we get it right the first time.

    No misdiagnosis. No five-minute visit and handful of prescriptions. Only after a complete and thorough understanding of the entire system can a proper diagnosis be made. Treatment success hinges upon it.

    Our Technology

    Technology has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. We use highly specialized computer analysis to understand the behavior and function of the jaw, temporomandibular joints and muscles of the head and neck right down to the tiniest nuance. No detail is overlooked.

    The secret behind our treatment success isn’t hard to understand…

    Stop guessing. Stop masking symptoms. Stop settling for an incomplete or hurried diagnosis. A shortsighted approach will not beat a comprehensive approach.

    It won’t come close. Consider this…

    We now possess the technology and knowledge to precisely determine the actual underlying cause of TMJ symptoms and dysfunction.

    Our proprietary MIRO Therapy® can successfully treat your TMJ, headache or migraine symptoms without shots, drugs or surgery.

    MIRO stands for mandibular, image-guided, rehabilitative orthopedics. To learn more about this breakthrough technology and treatment – TAP HERE.

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    Many of Atlanta's top ENT's, neurologists, internists and dentists trust us to help their patients with chronic headaches and TMJ.

    How about you?

    Miro Therapy Logo

    Many of Atlanta's top ENT's, neurologists, internists and dentists trust us to help their patients with chronic headaches and TMJ.

    How about you?