By Dr. Frederick Abeles

Published July 31, 2022

Home Blog What is MIRO Therapy?

MIRO stands for Mandibular Image-guided Rehabilitative Orthopedics. It is a new, proprietary therapy developed by Dr. Frederick Abeles of Atlanta, Georgia. USA TODAY calls Dr. Abeles, “A pioneer in the field of chronic pain.” MIRO Therapy® is used to treat pain and disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

It utilizes advanced computer analysis of the jaw, temporomandibular joints and muscles of the head and neck to assess the patient’s problem, develop the proper solution and treatment plan to effectively reduce or eliminate debilitating pain and dysfunction.

MIRO Therapy® does not use any shots, drugs or surgery to achieve its results. It utilizes a unique, discrete, removable bite appliance to correct the alignment of the lower jaw and temporomandibular joints to allow the joints and muscles to heal.

MIRO Therapy® offers a new opportunity to treat TMJ disorders correctly without relying on temporary, symptomatic relief as many other common treatment approaches do. 

The truth about pain prescriptions

Dr. Abeles met so many patients who had previously wasted time and money on failed treatment. They had chronic headaches and TMJ pain that just wouldn’t go away, even though they’d tried everything. He heard their frustration with the myriad of confusing treatment approaches that didn’t deliver results. These patients didn’t know where to turn or get help.

They were sick and tired of all the pills and prescription drugs that didn’t work. They were tired of the Botox injections and shots. But most of all, they were tired of the broken promises to cure their pain.

Dr. Abeles knew there had to be an alternative.

A breakthrough treatment

Over a period of several years of research and development, Dr. Abeles designed an entirely new treatment approach that was absent the outdated methods that offered only temporary relief. It was a treatment absent the frustration and struggles these patients despised.

MIRO Therapy® was a new opportunity to treat the underlying problem of TMJ pain, once and for all. FORBES calls it, “A revolutionary way to treat pain.”

Treatment results are so effective that they’re backed by an unconditional guarantee.

Better results start with better diagnostics

MIRO Therapy® has the ability to find physiologic markers others miss. MIRO Therapy® accurately identifies the underlying tissue that is causing the pain, inflammation and dysfunction. Then the pain can be predictably treated without the need for shots, drugs or surgery.

Stop wasting money on treatment that doesn’t work

If you need help and aren’t sure where to turn, let us offer you a conservative treatment alternative that’s easy to understand. You don’t need to become a medical research expert to select the proper treatment. We’ll show you a simple, proven plan to follow with effective results.

It all starts with a one-hour consultation about MIRO Therapy®. Schedule yours today.

If we offered to successfully treat your TMJ without shots, drugs or surgery and with guaranteed results...

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